Summary of reimbursement rules according to the COST Vademecum - May 2020


Only travels from your residing Country (as registered on the e-COST profile) to the Country of the meeting are covered.
  • Travels from/to other destinations constitute rule derogations
  • Interruptions of the travel and intermediate stays (other than for changing flights) constitute rule derogations
  • Any rule derogations have to be approved by the Grant Holder prior to making any bookings (

  • if you don’t have an e-COST account, please register at
  • if you do have an account, check that your profile data (name, last name, country of residence, email, IBAN) on e-COST are correct and updated


  • Travel START means the day and time when you get out from your home/office and start your travel for going to the meeting
  • Travel END means the day and time when you get back to you home/office and you end your travel after the meeting

  • Air fares cannot exceed 1200€ (Economy Class only)
  • Flight travels have to be documented by uploading flight tickets on e-COST that include: date, time of departure/arrival, location of departure/arrival, booking class (economy), name of the passenger, amount paid
  • Travel by 1st, business, 2nd or economy class train or bus tickets are eligible for reimbursement including supplements for fast trains and sleepers

  • Toll charges, car rental, parking, are NOT covered
  • KM to be reimbursed have to be proven by google maps, mappy or similar tools
  • Maximum distance is limited up to max 2000KM for the entire journey
  • Car travel can be reimbursed at 0,35€ per KM. Only the driver is eligible for reimbursement. The names of the other eligible passengers must be mentioned on the remarks section of the claim submitted by the driver
  • When the overall one-way travel to the event location covers a distance shorter than 100 km without crossing any Country border, car travel is considered as local transport and is included by the daily allowance.

  • Accommodation, Meals and Local transport are covered by flat rates - Daily Allowance - (no receipts needed)
  • The daily allowance depends on the Country where the event is organized and can be adjusted by Action MC (they will be announced before sending the invitations)
  • More details in the link below


Online Travel Reimbursement Request have to be submitted within 30 calendar days after the end of the meeting, at the latest

While submitting the OTRR, you need to upload on e-COST the following supporting documents:
  • Flight tickets and Receipt, including information on date, time of departure/arrival, location of departure/arrival, booking class (economy), name of the passenger, amount paid
  • Print out of Google Maps proof of KM distance, in case you traveled by car
  • In case of rule derogations, and only after pre-approval, screenshot proof to show that the chosen travel option was the cheapest option available

Please note that you are asked to evaluate travel options and to buy your tickets one month before the event.

Original receipts have to be kept by participants until the end of auditing time frame