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Here you can find the most relevant paper published by G-BiKE.

For G-BiKErs.
As long as a paper is the result of work performed by Action Participants and co-authored by Action Participants representing at least 3 different Participating COST Full Members / COST Cooperating Members, it should report the following disclaimer:
This article/publication is based upon work from COST Action G-BiKE, CA 18134, supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology).
COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a funding agency for research and innovation networks. Our Actions help connect research initiatives across Europe and enable scientists to grow their ideas by sharing them with their peers. This boosts their research, career and innovation. www.cost.eu.

Guidelines can be found at the following link.

Open Access: according to the EU policy, G-BiKE encourages OA publications. To this end, it's worth recalling that the fees associated with OA pubs can be covered by COST budget. For accessing this budget is mandatory that the publication contains the aforementioned disclaimer and, accordingly, fulfils the criteria to be enlisted as G-BiKE's paper.